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Important to know about morphine

Morphine is a strong pain reliever.
For severe pain, such as pain after surgery, after accidents, after a heart attack, colic pain and cancer. Also in case of severe shortness of breath and care for someone who is not getting better (palliative care).
Tablets, oral solution and suppositories work within 1 to 2 hours. Injections and drip work faster. These all work for 4 to 7 hours.
Modified-release tablets (MGA or retard) work longer: about 12 hours.
Use morphine for as long as you need it and on a regular schedule. For example every 4 hours or every 12 hours for modified release tablets.
Constipation occurs in almost everyone and can be serious. Avoid this by using a laxative every day. You may also experience other gastrointestinal complaints.
Morphine can also make you drowsy and dizzy. This means you are not allowed to drive for the first 2 weeks. Then only if you no longer suffer from side effects.
Watch out with alcohol. This can make you even drowsy
Have you been taking morphine for a long time and want to stop? Then don’t stop all at once. You may experience withdrawal symptoms such as agitation, vomiting, sweating and insomnia. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you want to stop taking morphine.
Are you pregnant? Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking this medicine. It is not certain whether this drug is safe for pregnant women. Do not use this medication just before delivery.
Do not breast-feed if you are taking this medication. This drug passes into breast milk and is bad for the baby.


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Cocaine, also known as coke, is a strong stimulant most frequently used as a recreational drug. It is commonly snorted, inhaled as smoke, or dissolved and injected into a vein. Mental effects may include an intense feeling of happiness, sexual arousal, loss of contact with reality, or agitation.

500 mg IV Amytal Sodium

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Used as a hypnotic, for short-term treatment of insomnia; effectiveness for sleep induction and sleep maintenance is lost after 2 weeks 65-200 mg IV qHS. CAUTION: These products are to be used under the direction of a physician. The intravenous administration of AMYTAL® SODIUM (amobarbital sodium) FOR INJECTION, USP carries with it the potential dangers inherent in the intravenous use of any potent hypnotic.

00 ml 500 mg / ml Euthasol

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A non-sterile solution containing pentobarbital sodium and phenytoin sodium as the active ingredients. Rhodamine B, a bluish-red fluorescent dye, is included in the formulation to help distinguish it from parenteral drugs intended for therapeutic use. Although the solution is not sterile, benzyl alcohol, a bacteriostat, is included to retard the growth of microorganisms.

Ibogaine HCL 1 gram

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Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants in the family ... Crystalline ibogaine hydrochloride is typically produced by semi-synthesis from ... Complete synthesis of ibogaine was accomplished by G. Büchi in 1966.

Oramorph 10mg

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Each 5 ml of Oramorph Oral Solution contains 10 mg of Morphine Sulfate. Excipient(s) with known effect: Each 5 ml also contains 1500 mg sucrose, 500 mg corn syrup (contains glucose), 0.525 ml Ethanol (96%), 9 mg methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E218) and 1 mg propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E216). For the full list of excipients, see Section 6.1.

Midazolam 50mg

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Midazolam injection is used before medical procedures and surgery to cause drowsiness, relieve anxiety, and prevent any memory of the event. It is also sometimes given as part of the anesthesia during surgery to produce a loss of consciousness. intravenous midazolam has been associated with respiratory depression and respiratory arrest, especially when used for sedation in noncritical care settings. In some cases, where this was not recognized promptly and treated effectively, death or hypoxic encephalopathy has resulted.


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Cialis is used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) and symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlarged prostate). Another brand of tadalafil is Adcirca, which is used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and improve exercise capacity in men and women.

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